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5 DIY Pumpkin Crafts

Are you looking for DIY pumpkin crafts for fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving?  Here are five different crafts, I have done that are perfect for this season.  I hope they will inspire you to create your own pumpkins. Please be sure to read all the instructions through before beginning any of these DIY Pumpkin crafts.  If you have any questions about any of these crafts, please ask in the comments spot at the bottom of the page.

Click on one of these pictures of DIY Pumpkin Crafts for a supply list and tutorial.

Three pumpkins, each with a letter on them spelling BOO.  The pumpkins are wearing witch hats.
Boo Pumpkins
Macramé Pumpkin
Denim Pumpkin
Navy Pumpkin
Glitter Pumpkin

BOO Pumpkin Craft

These pumpkins began as the green pumpkins found in this set of pumpkins from Hobby Lobby.  See my Candy Corn Pumpkin Stack post for a craft you can make with the other pumpkins in this set. 

You will also need:

  • pumpkin orange paint
  • a brush
  • black poster letters from Dollar Tree
  • black paint or mod-podge
  • black felt (3 squares)
  • tacky glue
  • orange jute string from Hobby Lobby 

Here are the steps for this DIY Pumpkin Craft:

  1. Remove the stems from the 3 pumpkins and paint the pumpkins orange.  This may require a couple of coats of paint. 
  2. Replace the stems on the pumpkins and apply the B-O-O letters.  There are two different ways you can apply the letters.  You can apply the stickers and use mod-podge to make sure they hold, or you can use the sticker sheet as a stencil.  Take the portion of the sticker sheet that surrounds the letters B and O and apply it to the pumpkins then paint with black paint.
  3. To make the hat, use this free pattern available from the Dabster Freebie Library.  Cut the two pieces shown in the pattern.  Cut a second circle without tabs.  glue together the cone piece and let it dry.  Apply glue to the tabs of the brim piece and glue it on to the cone so the tabs are on the inside of the cone.  Once that is dry, apply glue to the top of the brim piece and add the second brim piece.
  4. Cut a piece of orange jute string long enough to go around the bottom of the hat several times.  Glue one end, wrap it around the desired number of times and then glue the other end.  Apply the glue near the seam in the cone so it will be hidden.  Put the hats on the pumpkins with the seam at the back.

Macramé Pumpkin Craft

This DIY pumpkin craft started out as a package of Dollar Tree wired jute cord.  You will also need two spools of orange jute string (seasonal item from Hobby Lobby), glue sticks, glue gun and a cinnamon stick or small twig.  Here are the steps for this DIY Pumpkin Craft:

  1. Remove the paper tag from the coil of wired jute cord.  DO NOT unwind the coil.  Take the coil and arrange the loops like the spokes of a wheel with the place where the ends are wrapped in the center.
  2. Cut an 80-to-90-inch piece of orange jute string.  Fold it in half so the ends meet.  Attach it to the top of one loop using a lark’s head knot.  Arrange the string so that the wired jute is in the middle between the two strands of string.  Traditionally, square knots are tied around two center pieces of string.  For this craft, the wired jute will be used in the center.  If you need instructions for making the knot’s, please see this post.
  3. Tie square knots until the loop of wired jute is covered.  There will be some extra string, just leave it there for now. 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the loops of the coil are covered.
  5. Cut two short pieces of orange jute cord and tie them above and below where the ends of the wire are wrapped. Straighten out the ends of the wire so they are no longer wrapped around the coil.
  1. Trim off the extra string and glue the ends to the center of your pumpkin. Cut a short piece of jute string and wrap it around the center of the string to cover the ends and any of the jute wired cord that might be showing.
  2. Use hot glue to attach a cinnamon stick or small stick to be the pumpkin stem.

Denim Pumpkin Craft

Dark Blue pumpkins are very on trend and are made from dollar tree wood cut-outs.  The denim pumpkin DIY is made using an old pair of jeans, a large piece of paper to make patterns, purchased piping, tacky glue, natural and dark brown burlap and a product called fray check.  To give the pumpkin a more finished look, you can paint the back and edges of the wooden pumpkin a shade of blue to match your denim or piping.  Here is how to do this DIY Pumpkin Craft.

  1. Lay the wooden pumpkin piece on your large piece of paper and trace around it.  Cut out the shape and then cut it into four pattern pieces as shown in the picture below.
Pattern pieces for denim DIY pumpkin craft.
  1. Cut the stem piece out of dark brown burlap
  2. Center the center pumpkin piece on a seam and cut it out of the denim
  3. Cut the side pieces out of denim as well; however, cut them so there is extra material along the inner edges (dotted line in picture below).
  4. Cut a small leaf out of the natural burlap
  5. Apply the fray check to all edges of the pieces you have cut
  6. Glue the burlap piece to the stem of the wood pumpkin shape.
  7. Use the tacky glue to glue the piping to the outer edge of the wood pumpkin, starting and stopping at the stem as shown in the picture.
Add extra to inner edge of outer pumpkin pieces.
Add piping to outer edge of wood pumpkin shape.
  1. Glue the outer two denim pieces to the wood pumpkin shape.
  2. Apply the piping to the edge of the middle denim piece, except for the top edge which will be near the stem.
  3. Glue the middle denim piece to the wood pumpkin shape.
  4. Glue the burlap leaf on near to the stem, use it to cover any imperfections in that area.

The navy pumpkin DIY on the left is made using scrapbook paper, a piece of printer paper or notebook paper, a coordinating color of paint, mod-podge and dark brown burlap.  Here is how to do this DIY Pumpkin Craft.

  1. Paint the front, back and edges of the wood pumpkin shape.
  2. Take the piece of notebook paper or printer paper and lay if over the wooden pumpkin shape. Run your fingers around the raised portions to that you end up with patterns for the raised portions. Another option is to use a crayon to make a rubbing.
  3. Cut out the pattern pieces. Make them a bit larger then you think you need and then use a pair of small scissors to trim them.
  4. Use the patterns to cut out pieces of the scrapbook paper to fit the raised parts of the wooden pumpkin shape.  I also chose to cover the stem of my pumpkin with scrapbook paper.
  1. Use the mod-podge to decoupage the paper to the wooden pumpkin shape.  I like to apply a thin layer of mod-podge, lay the paper down and smooth it out the paper with a brayer.  Once the mod-podge has dried and the paper is adhered, I apply a topcoat of mod-podge.  There are lots of methods for decoupaging.  For more information I recommend this video.
  2. Pull several strands of “thread” from the dark brown burlap, hold them together and tie a bow.  Glue the bow to the base of the pumpkin stem.

Glitter Pumpkin Craft

My glitter pumpkin was inspired by these fairy lanterns from The Inspired Home.  This pumpkin craft involves some drying time so be sure to account for that when planning.  I found this large glass jar at a thrift store, but any large jar with smooth sides would work well.  You will also need a small container of mod-podge from Dollar Tree, an airtight container, red and yellow food coloring, orange glitter, black vinyl, craft sticks for stirring and a battery powered string of fairy lights.  Here are the steps for this DIY Pumpkin Craft:

  1. Wash and dry your glass jar.
  2. Pour the mod-podge into the airtight container and add the food coloring.  I suggest 17 drops yellow and 3 drops red for orange.  Stir well with a craft stick.
  3. Pour a small amount of the orange mod-podge into the jar. Tilt and turn the jar till the inside of the jar is completely coated.  Pour any excess orange mod-podge back into the airtight container.  Let the jar dry.  I let mine dry overnight.
  4. Repeat step three until you are happy with the color of orange. 
  5. Add the orange glitter to the orange mod-podge.  You want to add enough to get good coverage but not make the mod-podge so thick you can not easily coat the inside of your jar. 
  6. Pour a small amount of the orange glitter mod-podge into the jar. Tilt and turn the jar till the inside of the jar is completely coated.  Pour any excess orange glitter mod-podge back into the airtight container.  Let the jar dry.  I let mine dry overnight.
  7. Cut a pumpkin face out of the black vinyl.  You could cut simple shapes out using scissors or something more complex using a cutting machine.  Apply the pieces of black vinyl to the outside of your jar.
  8. Insert your string of lights in the jar and enjoy!

More DIY Pumpkin Crafts

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5 DIY Pumpkin Crafts

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