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I’m Amy, the DIYDabster.  That is the name I go by on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.  I have been a crafter for as long as I can remember.  I have dabbled in lots of different crafts; sewing, cooking, macramé, knitting, basket weaving.  As this blog and my YouTube channel grow, I plan to dabble in a lot more!   

 That is one of the reasons that I consider myself to be a dabster.  The other reason is that my sweet grandfather used the term dabster to describe a person when they had done something well or in a clever way.  When I show my crafts to my parents or my aunt, they often call me a dabster so I decided to adopt that name. 

Originally, I just planned to start a YouTube channel and I named the channel DIYDabster. I discovered that Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest were great ways to get traffic for my channel so you can find DIYDabster on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook in addition to Youtube. 

Create Peace & Joy is a blog created by DIYDabster.  I decided to add the blog as a place for viewers and followers to go to so they can find additional information, supply lists, or read the content at their own pace.  I prefer to read instructions and use a search bar to find them rather than search through a video.

I have been a mom for a long time and raised 2 adult children.  They don’t live nearby so I’ve chosen to fill my days with crafting.  Lately, I have been enjoying creating things for my home and figuring out how to do it on a budget.  Our world is a crazy place and living during a pandemic is no picnic.  I have found; however, that crafting or DIYing brings me peace and joy and that when I share what I make with others, they also experience peace and joy.  My mission is to inspire you to create something that brings you and yours peace and joy!  Something that you can use, gift or enjoy displaying in your home.  Something that brightens your day!  I hope you will find something that inspires you on the site.  When you post your creation, please tag me.  I love to see what others make!

Peace and Joy,

Amy  – the DIYDabster

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