Discover an easy and inexpensive way to experience the peace and joy of using your creativity.

Feeling stressed?  A number of studies suggest that creative activities can have positive effects on your brain, including stress reduction.  Spend 15-30 minutes coloring a day and let your worries float away.  

TRY THE 7-Day Mindful Coloring Challenge

You might be wondering "Why Coloring?"

  1. It promotes mindfulness. Coloring can help you to put aside regrets about the past and concerns about the future as you focus on what you’re doing in the present moment. In that sense, it does have positive effects similar to meditation.
  2. It helps you think positively. Shifting your attention away from overdue bills and noisy neighbors can feel good. Your mood brightens as you contemplate pretty colors and interesting pictures.
  3. It reduces anxiety. Any offline hobby that allows you to take a break from technology is a bonus these days. Studies show that checking social media or phone messages too frequently contributes to anxiety.
  4.  Compared to other hobbies, coloring is inexpensive and portable. You can start small.  Buy a small set of colored pencils.  You can do it waiting at the airport or sitting in a coffee shop. 
  5. Another major advantage to coloring is that it requires no significant skills to succeed. If you felt like an underachiever in high school art classes, you can still color between the lines.

TRY THE 7-Day Mindful Coloring Challenge

Here is what you get:

Pre-Challenge Preparation

You will receive a list of recommended products to purchase for the challenge and tips for success to help you prepare for the challenge

20 page Challenge Workbook

The workbook contains 7 journal pages and 13 coloring pages. Each day you will receive a handout to add to the workbook.

Daily Coloring and Mindfulness Tips

Coloring tips to help make coloring a fun and rewarding hobby and mindfulness tips to help you practice mindfulness in additional ways.

BONUS #1: Challenge Facebook Group

The challenge Facebook group is a place to ask questions, share and learn from others who color as a hobby.

BONUS #2:  Challenge Planner, Planner to use for Pre-challenge Preparation and the 7-day Challenge

Here is what you can expect:


Once your payment is processed, you will receive a link to an introductory video and instructions for pre-challenge preparation.  Challenge will begin 3 days after purchase.

Day 1

The challenge begins!  You will receive your 20 page work book and your Day 1 materials.  For the next seven days, you will receive an email with instructions for that day and links to learning materials.

Day 7

More color and more calm.  More peace and more joy.  After coloring and practicing mindfulness for 7 days, you will  be better equipped to deal with daily routine pressures and have a healthy offline hobby.

TRY THE 7-Day Mindful Coloring Challenge

The simple answer to helping you go from stressed to calm in just 7 days.

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