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DIY Gift Organizer – Get Ready for a Handmade Holiday!

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Are you planning to give a lot of handmade gifts this holiday? Save time by using this free printable to keep track of your ideas, supplies and wrapping. If you subscribe, this printable is free! You can keep track of your individual gifts on the front and plan for shopping for supplies on the back.

Printable gift organizer for handmade gifts

Keep Track of Your Gift Ideas with this DIY Gift Organizer

There are four fields for you to fill in for each DIY gift.

  1. Recipient – Who are you giving the gift to? Is you mom the lucky recipient or maybe your spouse?
  2. Gift – What are you making?
  3. Source – Where did you see the idea? Note the website, video or pin so you can refer back to it when you need to.
  4. Supplies – You are making the gift but you still probably need to shop for supplies! List what you need in the supplies box.

Keep Track of Your Supplies with this DIY Gift Organizer

On the back of the free printable gift organizer, there are four shopping lists waiting to be filled in, one for each of your favorite places to buy supplies. You have already figured out what you need to buy for each gift, now group those supplies by store so you can shop effectively and spend more time enjoying the holidays. Remember to put wrapping and shipping supplies on your lists too. Once you have all your gift ideas and have made your shopping lists, consider scheduling your shopping trips and time to make each gift. Put them all on your calendar!

Keep Track of Your Wrapping with this DIY Gift Organizer

The last step before putting the gifts under the tree or in the mail is wrapping. I always seem to not allow enough time for wrapping or forget to plan time to wrapped so having a check box built into my to-do list helps! Using this free printable gift organizer will not only help make sure you get your gifts made but also make sure you have them ready to give!

More Gift Ideas

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