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10 Best Gifts for a Crafty Person

Are you shopping for gifts for a crafty person in your life? Here is a list of ten great gift ideas. I own and use all of them in my crafting and I think they are the best gift ideas for a crafty person. If you are the crafty one in your life share this list with the people who will be shopping for gifts for you. If you have a gift idea for a crafty person, please share it in the comments!

Santa's bag full of Gifts for a Crafty Person
10 Best Gifts for a Crafty Person

A clean, well lit workspace is so beneficial to the crafter. The first three gifts on my list of the 10 best gifts for a crafty person are all about setting the crafter up for success with a great place to work.

#1 Desk Top Vacuum

This little vacuum is perfect for picking up glitter, dust, crumbs and tiny scraps. Not only can your crafter can use it to clean their work surface but they can also use it to clean their keyboard, table top or counter. When it is not in use, it is a cute cheery décor piece. Two AA batteries are required so be sure to include those with your gift.

#2 Ottlite Creative Curves Task lamp

A well lit crafting space makes crafting a lot more fun. This lamp features 4 different brightness settings and a USB charging port. There is an all white option, an all black option and a grey and white option. Ottlite lamps are an ideal for crafters because they mimic natural daylight making colors and details clearer. OttLite is a well trusted brand that offers a wide variety of lighting options for crafters and DIYers, some even have magnifying attachments.

#3 Oversized Silicone Craft Surface

This oversized silicone mat is a great way for a crafter to protect their table or counter plus it makes clean up super easy. This particular one is much thicker than a lot of the mats on the market which makes it much more durable and a great gift for a crafty person. It also comes in several different colors. Check it out!

Where would a crafter be without their favorite tools? Having the right tool for the job is so important to a crafter. Here some great tools that are destined to be favorites!

#4 Razor Saw & Miter Box -these two go together

These two should be given together! The metal miter box is more durable and larger than the similar plastic ones that are available. The saw can make deeper cuts than the saw that comes with the plastic mitre box. These two make the perfect set for cutting trim, dowels and other small pieces of wood. It can be used for straight cuts or angled cuts.

#5 Cordless Rechargeable ScrewDriver

A cordless rechargeable screwdriver is one of the best gifts for a crafty person. It’s power makes it a real time saver and since it is cordless it can easily be used anywhere. To make things even easier for the crafty person, it has a battery life indication, a worklight and the handle can be straightened.

#6 Crop-a-Dile Eyelet and Snap Punch

This sturdy tool can be used to punch a hole in so many different materials, even leather, metal and thin pieces of wood. Of course it can also be used for eyelets and snaps. It is a versatile tool and it is very easy to use.

#7 Fiskar Fingertip Detail Knife

This handy little knife that comes with extra blades gives the user a great deal of control over the path of the blade so it is easy to cut curves and details. It is excellent for cutting foam board and chipboard.

The next two gifts on my great gifts for a crafty person list are some quality supplies that can be used for lots of different projects.

#8 Nested Wood Trays

These nested wood trays are very high quality and an excellent value for the price. They could be used to make trays, lazy susans, risers, signs or tiered trays. The crafty person in your life will love these because the can be used to make a lot of beautiful and useful DIYs.

#9 Acrylic Paint Pens

These paint pens are very good quality. They come with different types of tips (rounded or chiseled) and many craft people find that they are easier to use then a brush for lettering and other detailed work. The paint pens work on paper, wood, canvas, glass and ceramics.

#10 A Cricut and a Tool Set

This last item is an investment but well worth it since it can do so many things. I have a Cricut Explore Air 2 that I really enjoy using to cut vinyl, felt and cardstock. It adds a high-end touch to home decor signs and other types of projects. Cricut sells three different models with different capabilities and price points. You can also purchase accessories and material to cut directly from Cricut.

Shop & Save on Cricut Bundles

The Cricut paper trimmer is a very helpful accessory if the person your buying for already owns a Cricut.

Still not sure what to get?

Here are a few ideas for gift cards.

What gift would you put on this list? Please answer in the comments.

What gift would you put on this list? Please answer in the comments.

10 Best Gifts for a Crafty Person

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