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DIY a Sunflower Wreath – Support Ukraine

Check out this beautiful sunflower wreath! It was the inspiration for this DIY project. I loved the shades of yellow and blue and the sunflowers. Sunflowers traditionally are a symbol of adoration, loyalty and strength. Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine so they have special significance at this time. To begin creating this wreath I set about collecting the necessary supplies.

It seems that faux sunflowers can be hard to find in the spring time. My experience is that they are more widely available in the late summer and early fall when their real-life counterparts typically bloom. Sunflowers (both real and faux) come in a wide variety of sizes. Try to select flowers that are an appropriate size for the wreath you are creating. Finding faux flowers that are pretty shades of blue turned out to be a challenge too. Keep reading to see what I found and how my wreath turned out.

What you need to make a Sunflower Wreath

  • a grapevine wreath ( if you use a coupon, you can get this wreath for less than $5)
  • faux sunflowers, these are considered “out of season” in the spring time but Hobby Lobby carries them year round. I purchased
    • a mini sunflower bush on sale (Hobby Lobby)
  • faux blue hydrangeas or other faux blue flowers, in the spring time, Dollar Tree sells faux blue dahlias and Hobby Lobby has faux royal blue cornflowers that are a good deal when on sale. I ended up buying:
    • 2 bunches of faux blue dahlias (Dollar Tree)
    • 2 bunches of faux royal blue cornflowers on sale (Hobby Lobby)
  • faux greenery such as boxwood or eucalyptus, check the floral section at your local Wal-mart.
  • wire cutters or heavy duty scissors
  • a variety of blue, yellow, green and/or gold ribbon for bow (optional)
  • glue sticks and a glue gun (optional)
  • small zip ties or wire (optional)
Faux Flowers purchased for Sunflower Wreath. From left to right Dahlias, Cornflowers and Mini Sunflowers

Creating a Sunflower Wreath

Please read through all the instruction before you start! I have comments interspersed in the instructions about how I made my sunflower wreath. It is a good idea to use newspaper or Kraft paper to protect your work table and catch anything that falls off your grapevine wreath.

  1. Use wire cutters or heavy duty scissors to separate the flowers from one another. If you plan to use the leaves that came with the flowers, move the leaves up close to the flower.
  2. Use hot glue to attach the flowers to their stems.
  3. Cut the greenery into small pieces that can be easily tucked in to the wreath. If necessary attach wire to make “stems” for the greenery that can be used to attach the greenery to the wreath.

I started by removing the leaves from all the flowers. I put two sets of the leaves from the mini sunflower bush on each on each of my blue dahlias. I but a set of leaves from the blue dahlias on each of the blue cornflowers. I did not use any leaves on the mini sunflowers. I ended up attaching the mini sunflowers directly to small pieces of stem wire (no plastic stem).

Flowers prepared to be put on wreath.
  1. Lay the the flowers out on the wreath to plan the arrangement and spacing. If you plan to but a bow on the wreath, leave space for the bow.
  2. Attach the flowers to the wreath by sticking the stems into the wreath, using wire or zip ties to secure them if necessary.

I pushed the stem or wire through my grapevine wreath and then bent it back into the wreath.

These pictures show how the stem or wire is stuck through the wreath and then bent back.
  1. Use the greenery to fill in around the flowers. I ended up just using lots of flowers!
  2. Make your bow. Please see this post (How to Make a Wreath Bow) to learn how I made the bow on my sunflower wreath.
  3. Attach your bow.
  4. Hang it on your door and enjoy!

Here are some pictures of my completed wreath!

Sunflower Wreath on Light Background
Sunflower Wreath on Light Background
Sunflower Wreath on Dark front door.
Sunflower Wreath on Dark front door.

DIY a Sunflower Wreath - Support Ukraine

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