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DIY a Buffalo Check Pumpkin Wreath

Are you looking for an idea for your Dollar Tree pumpkin wreath form? I made three different versions of this Buffalo Check Pumpkin wreath. The first one I am calling the FALL version. It is made from pumpkin colored yarn and Dollar Tree nautical rope. The second one is the FARMHOUSE version. It is black and white and made of yarn. Last, but not least there is the HALLOWEEN version. It is made from pumpkin colored yarn and black yarn.

Shows the pumpkin wreath frame and three different color combinations for the buffalo check pumpkin wreath.
3 versions of a woven Buffalo Check Pumpkin Wreath

Here is what you need:

For the Fall version, I used:

For the Farmhouse version, I used:

For the Halloween version, I used:

IMPORTANT: If you are using nautical rope, separate your pieces of rope in to three separate strands, before you begin. Tape the ends of each strand with painters tape before you begin separating them.

Shows Dollar Tree Nautical Rope being separated into three separate strand.
Separating Nautical Rope in to Strands

All of the photos shown below this point are of the Halloween version.

Here is How to DIY a Buffalo Check Pumpkin Wreath

First, you will wrap the pumpkin wreath form with yarn in the horizontal direction (back and forth from right to left). Next you will weave yarn through in the vertical direction (downward).

This one image is made up of 8 smaller images.  They show the progressive adding of yarn to the wreath frame.

Wrapping the Wreath Form

Begin by getting your yarn (and if you are using it rope) ready to be wrapped on the pumpkin wreath form.

For the Fall version you need:

  • 3, 18 ft pieces of pumpkin colored yarn
  • 4 strands of nautical rope

For the Farmhouse version you need:

  • 4, 18 ft pieces of black yarn
  • 3, 18 ft pieces of white yarn

For the Halloween version you need:

  • 4, 18 ft pieces of pumpkin colored yarn
  • 3, 18 ft pieces of black yarn

You will begin with the middle stripe at the middle of the form, work your way down and then work your way up as shown in the diagram.

There will be space at the top and bottom of the wreath form. That is okay. Some of it will get filled in and some will be covered up by the bow.

The diagram below shows how to wrap the yarn in detail. To begin, just tie the yarn (or rope) at the left side using a simple knot.  Bring the yarn behind the first vertical wire then over the front and upward, then around the back again.  Keep doing this across the frame.

Shows how to begin to wrap the yarn on the wreath frame.
Beginning to wrap the yarn

When you get all the way across the form you will need to turn around and come back across the form. When you get to the right side just go around the wire and begin to bring the yarn back to the left.  This time, when you wrap the vertical wires go behind the wire , wrap it around the wire and then when you bring it under the wire again also go down the wire (see first diagram below).

  • Wrap yarn back and forth 8 times.
  • Wrap rope back and forth 4 times. 
  • When you finish wrapping a strip of yarn or rope,  just tie a simple knot.
Shows how to wrap yarn moving down the wreath form
How to wrap yarn moving down the wreath form.
Shows how to wrap yarn moving up the wreath form.
How to wrap yarn moving up the wreath form.

When you finish the bottom half, begin working your way up the top half.  You will need to wrap the yarn the opposite of the way you did the bottom portion so that you work up the frame (see diagram above). In the picture below, I have finished wrapping the yarn on the bottom half and I’m beginning to wrap my yarn up the wreath frame.

Shows wreath frame with four stripes of yarn wrapped on the bottom half.  Person is beginning to work up the wreath to finish the wrapping.

Once you have wrapped the pumpkin wreath form so there are seven stripes, you are ready to start weaving in the vertical direction.

Begin by cutting 4 strands of yarn or 2 strands of rope that are each 5 feet long. Fold each strand in half and attach it to the top of the wreath form using a lark’s head knot (see diagrams below). Attach all the strands in one section (see picture below).

Lay the folded strand over the top wire as shown here.

First step of Lark's head knot.

Bring the loop around to the back of the frame.

Second step of Lark's head knot.

Pull the remaining yarn down through the loop.

Third step of Lark's head knot.
Black yarn tied on to center section of wreath.
Black yarn tied on to center section of wreath.

If you are using rope you will weave one strand at a time. If you are using yarn you will weave two strands at a time. That might be confusing so take a look at the diagrams below.

Two graphics.  One shows a section of weaving where yarn was used in both directions.  The other shows a section of weaving where yarn is used in one direction and rope in the other.

If you are using all yarn, the sections of your weaving will look like the diagram on the left.  If you are using rope, you will only need two pieces and a section of your weaving will look like the picture on your right.

Thread your strand or strands through the loop of your wool needle and weave your needle through the yarn that you wrapped horizontally on the frame. Begin by going over , under, over. When you weave the next set of strands go under, over, under.

Shows beginning to weave yarn threaded on a needle through the yarn wrapped on the frame.
Starting to weave.

When you reach the bottom of the pumpkin, just let the yarn hang down. As you weave the sections, you will alternate the colors. For example, since I wove black yarn in the middle of this pumpkin, I will weave with orange yarn for the sections I am pointing at in the picture below.

Shows the middle section of the buffalo plaid wreath completely woven.
One section woven.

Once you have finished the weaving, it is time to take care of all the ends. The ones that are on the sides can just be pulled to the back, glued in place with hot glue and trimmed. In the picture below, you can see where the ends have been glued down. Once the glue is dry, the ends should be trimmed.

Shows the back of the wreath and how the ends of the yarn on the sides were glued down.
Ends on the sides glued to the back.

The ends that are at the bottom of the pumpkin (the yarn you wove with) are handled differently. Bring all the ends to the front so they are over the wire at the bottom of the wreath frame. You will need to thread them on the needle again, bring them around to the back and then weave them up the back a bit. Once you have done that, you will glue them down with hot glue and trim them just like you did for the sides.

Shows weaving the ends on the bottom of the wreath back up on the back of the wreath.
Weaving ends back up.
Shows beginning of clueing ends down.
Ready to use hot glue to hold weaving in place on the back.

Now that you have woven the buffalo check pumpkin, the last step is to cover the stem and add a bow. I chose to cover the stems of my buffalo check pumpkin wreaths with a piece of burlap ribbon. The bows are “messy bows.” They are very easy to make and there are lots of tutorials available on Youtube. You want to start with a wide ribbon at the bottom of your pile. Be sure to cut it long enough to cover any part of the top of your buffalo pumpkin wreath that you don’t want anyone to see. Once you have your ribbon all stacked up use a zip tie to cinch it and wrap another piece of ribbon around the middle or you can glue on a flower. Use another ziptie to attach the bow to the wreath. If you wish you can stick floral pics into your bow. TADA! You have a buffalo plaid pumpkin wreath!

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